New media services

— About the Studio —

Studio since 2004

3DG-FX is a creative studio established in 2004. Our clients are mostly successful Estonian companies, like telecoms, TV and Radio stations, creative agencies and manufacturers.

We can help our clients with all they need in today’s digital media market, starting from TV and Internet advertising to Digital Signage screens in stores.

We can help to realize our client’s ideas and incorporate ideas from creative agencies if necessary.

—Our Services —

We can provide services for most available digital and non digital media outputs.

  • TV and Internet marketing
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Commercials and special-effects
  • High Quality 360 degree photos and tours
  • Drone cinematography and photos(4K)
  • 3D modeling and visualizations of products and architecture
  • Design and prepress for leaflets and posters
  • Design, realization and administration of Web pages
  • Interactive HTML5 banners for websites

Ask for a quote: info@3dg-fx.com or by phone +372 50 86055


Commercials, animations and websites.



Helger Gustavson

Toompuiestee 30

Tallinn 13516, Estonia

phone: +372 5086055

email: info@3dg-fx.com


3dg-fx OÜ, Toompuiestee 30 , Tallinn, Estonia  tel:+3725086055   email: info@3dg-fx.com